Supercharge your
ESG Analysis
with AI.

We empower ESG consultants to quickly perform ESG research and analysis 10x faster.

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Chat with any ESG or sustainability report.

Get answers to your most pressing questions. Quickly extract data, key information and the best insights from our AI powered  tool.

10x your productivity.

Use Radiant AI to chat to any sustainability report. Perform ESG research and analysis 10x faster.

Focus on strategy and growth.

We speed up your research, analysis, and assessments, letting you focus on strategy.

Private, safe and secure.

We don't use your data to train our models. We keep your data safe and secure in a protected environment.

Upload messy data. Get instant insights.

Have a bunch of unstructured and messy data ? Great! We can aggregate and structure data for you in the format that you want.

Instant ESG Assessments

We analyse your social and governance reports in seconds. This ensures compliance with the Minimum Safeguard requirements to meet EU Taxonomy and SFDR obligations.

Say goodbye to manual and slow compliance.

Our AI tool thoroughly analyses reports to ensure adherence to the Minimum Safeguard (MS) framework's four core pillars: human rights, anti-bribery, fair taxation, and fair competition. Our tool handles the heavy lifting of assessing alignment with these critical policies.

Say hello to more clients and happier teams.

By leveraging our AI tool, your teams get more done in less time. The heavy lifting is handled by the technology, freeing up your consultants to focus on high-value work. As a result, they can take on more clients and opportunities, driving growth. Without manual repetitive tasks, teams experience less burnout and greater job satisfaction.

Research and analysis

Perform ESG research and analysis 10x faster.

  • Instant structured insights
    Turn unstructured messy documents, PDFs and data into easy to read insights.

  • Document review and ESG research
    Use our chat to ask key questions on complex documents to quickly get back to your clients.

  • Automated data crunching
    Upload raw data to receive it in your desired format.

Due dilligence and compliance

Accelerate Compliance and Due Diligence Assesments.

  • Gap Analysis
    Automatically pinpoint areas of improvement in sustainability performance and reporting.

  • Materiality Assessment
    Automate thorough materiality assessments and guide clients in prioritising ESG areas.

  • Framework Alignment
    Check to see if company documents align with MS requirements to meet SFDR and EU taxonomy obligations quickly and with ease.

Transparent, factual and evidence based

We provide an easily accessible and viewable audit trail. We highlight the source of all of our insights, information and assessments.

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ESG consulting made efficient.

Our AI tool is purpose built for Sustainability Consultants. We help to automate time-consuming ESG research, analysis, compliance checks, and assessments.

We empower consulting companies to take on more clients and produce higher quality deliverables faster. Give your company a competitive advantage in a sea of competition.

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Save time and chose from dozens of templates and pre-built questionnaires

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Easily request data from various team members, stakeholders, or people from different companies
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Add in the key people you need to request data from in a matter of minutes
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Customize templates to best fit your needs

Safe and secure ESG data storage

ClimaView allows you to safely store your sensitive ESG data. We encrypt all data to ensure it’s protected.
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Are you ready to be more productive than ever before ?

Radiant AI empowers ESG consultants to quickly analyse sustainability documents to ensure greater time allocation to valued clients.

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