Better Climate Data.
Better Sustainable Financing.

Data and AI-powered insights to deploy and track sustainable financing

Accurate real-time data for Sustainable Lenders

Accurate Data & Impact Tracking

Leverage our platform for real-time data validation and impact measurement for your Sustainability Linked Loans.

Loan insights and data

Use industry average data and SLL data to set KPIs for your loans. Include loan market data in reporting and benchmark your lending activity against your peers.

Avoid Greenwashing

Safeguard your credibility with transparent sustainability reporting. Use accurate data to back your sustainability claims.

What makes Radiant AI unique ?

It's hard for lenders to get high quality data from various sources. Our proprietary integrations ensure the building data we collect is consistently accurate and reliable.

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Analyse the impact of your Green Loan Portfolio

Gain clarity into the impact of your real estate lending activities. Confidently showcase the positive difference you are making to stakeholders, investors and new clients.

Streamlined Compliance: Real-time automated KPI tracking

Efficiently monitor borrower KPI targets and loan performance with our simplified data collection process.

A simple one-click data connection for borrowers

Radiant provides an easy-to-integrate solution that lets your borrowers share their data easily and quickly.

Save time and chose from dozens of templates and pre-built questionnaires

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Easily request data from various team members, stakeholders, or people from different companies
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Add in the key people you need to request data from in a matter of minutes
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Customize templates to best fit your needs

Safe and secure ESG data storage

ClimaView allows you to safely store your sensitive ESG data. We encrypt all data to ensure it’s protected.
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Radiant AI uses globally accepted methodologies and principles

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About Us

We’re building tomorrow’s sustainable finance infrastructure

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Everything we do as a team revolves around understanding and helping customer pain points. We listen, work closely and collaborate with all of our customers as we try to create the industry's best, most innovate solutions.
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We’re a group of engineers on a mission to help companies manage all aspects of their ESG data. We set out to solve climate’s toughest challenges and we are relentlessly pursuing that mission in the hopes of helping companies become more sustainable.

Are you ready to track your impact?

It is difficult to understand the impact of your green financing! 

We’re here to make it easy for you. Let’s talk about how Radiant AI can help.